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Re: Words like God and Ki

John Davis wrote: View Post
Right now, scientists and doctors from around the world are making great strides to proving the existence of Subtle Energies (Ki, Chi, Pranna) and how they apply to human healing.
Wow. I couldn't agree more. Although undoubtedly, some of them are hoaxes, I think many of them are real. You would probably enjoy reading my other thread It talks about the work of scientist named Cleve Backster, who is a pioneer in the field of bio communication. You will see what that is.

mathewjgano wrote: View Post
I'm a pretty non-materialistic fellow, but I appreciate the draw to materialism. It's comfortable; practical; you can touch it. You have something to show for yourself.
Couldn't agree more. I have found, that over time, as we delve more into spirituality, we will prove for ourselves that it exists. When you actively engage in spirituality, with at least some faith, and try things outside of your comfort zone, miracles will happen. I can't emphasize this more.

To list an example: I once attended a special kind of ritual called a drum stalk. It is for those who are just beginning to listen to their heart. It involves doing nothing less that walking blindfolded through a forest, and following the sound of a drum. There are people who come through the forest (and we walk for a good 45 min) who come out without hitting a single tree. I'm not talking about 1 out of 100, I'm talking about every single person, hitting less than three trees. Everyone there, (about 30 people) reported being able to sense some kind of presence, and walking around objects.

They drugged us? No.

We could feel the temperature change from shadows? No.
(drum stalks are always done at night).

I have only done a few drum stalks, and they vary in success. Sometimes I hit two trees, sometimes it hit none. I actually find that when you are truly a beginner, its easier. After you've done it once, you develop a sense of what to expect, and that expectation interferes with listening to your heart. You later have to get rid of this expectation, and learn to listen to yourself. Although I have been getting steadily better, I have not reached this place yet.

I have shared my experience with the drum stalk, because I feel it may help to reinforce all of our under-siege beliefs. Even with the many miracles that have happened in my life, I still find myself questioning belief in the spiritual. I think this is the result of everyone telling me that I'm wrong. Active spirituality in an actively nonspiritual culture is a path of solitude sometimes, and perseverance.

So many people say that they will never believe in the spiritual until they see it with their eyes, and they challenge people who believe to show them. But they never will believe it because they will always find some way to disprove it. The only way to believe is to do it yourself. No one is going to "prove" it to you, except you.

Seek out those with spiritual knowledge; learn from them. Persevere, and you will receive undeniable proof.

By the way, if any of you would be more interested in learning about the drum stalk, ask me. The organizations that do it are widespread, and you may be surprised to find out that one may be literally an hour drive away. These Nature Philosophy Schools as I call them, teach survival, awareness, and a kind of native American philosophy. Most are non-profit, but if any aren't, someone has to eat right?

- Johann
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