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kevin gillis wrote:
yes i was succsesfull,i am now 8th kyu. (...) I was nervous before the test but confidant on my abilities.Does any have any stories on testing at the early stages of akido? Do the butterflies continue?
Congratulations, now get back to practice . And don't worry, the nerves will get less with every test. At least, they did with me - I tested for 2nd kyu a couple of days ago and I was hardly nervous.

In our dojo, Sensei decides when you test, and you're not allowed to test unless he thinks you're ready (the real test happens all the time, at every training session); that also helps build some confidence of course.
kevin gillis wrote:
and are there any suggestions on how to ignore them .
*shrugs* Don't bother trying to ignore them, it'll only make you more nervous. Just let them be, and make sure you step on the mat well-prepared.

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