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Re: Jamming a technique

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Can anyone define exactly what constitute a "jam".
Willfully and actively preventing tori from making the technique happen, so that nothing really happens. (So no taking over by uke.)

For example, is a very firm grip on a senior yudansha consider a jam? Preventing a technique from working - a jam? Not knowing a technique and unable to flow with the nage - a jam?
No, unless you keep changing your grip to jam the solutions the yudansha comes up with to deal with your grip.
No. The situation as such is more complicated than that, but with regards to jamming: that's just poor execution by nage.

And, when is a jam polite and when it is not?
When the person jamming the technique does it to make a valid point and the person being jammed can accept this as a teaching or training methodology.
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