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Re: YouTube: Li Chugong teaching taiji usage

Hi Josh, yeah I think I know what you mean-- "power release" can be done with varying degrees of precision, right? Like hitting a wall with all your might would be a different beast from the way LI Chugong is issuing power in this vid, which is targeted to affect the recipient's specific shape and tension-arrangement.

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That's basically true, Jonathan. However the joint-lock makes it difficult for Uke to be able to be totally relaxed.
Interesting point-- this is why aikido has so many pretzley locks, isn't it? They are ways to spool your uke's tension in specific ways, so that he isn't as free to relax here or generate force there. They are pretty direct ways to interact with (take control of) a person's body tension, huh?

Thanks for the Cheng Man Ching video. In terms of learning to look critically at videos-- I can see he is really powerful, but besides that, is this a strong template for a connected type of body? Or is he taking a decent amount of liberty with power/control augmentation that is not dantien-based, on top of his jin usage? Or is he simply so good that he can do really complex things with his limbs, with the dantien still being centrally involved?
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