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Re: YouTube: Li Chugong teaching taiji usage

Allan Featherstone wrote: View Post
Hey Josh,

What does "GTFO" mean? My internet-fu isn't too good!
I think he does it based on the principle of yin ru; yang chu (yin in or returning; yang issuing). But as i can not do that it is merely supposition on my part.

Off the topic, i am concerned that the subject heading was completely changed (not even altered) from the original. I find it disconcerting that admins/mods can and will access users' posts and modify them if they see fit! Where are the ethics/principles/morals? Beside which surely it would be common courtesy to inform said poster of any such change and the reasons for doing so in advance of it happening?
Hi Allan,JW,
: ] . I found the clip unapproachable before; but I think your and JW's 2 comments insightful. I think I see a bit more. Not sure, wonder what you guys think. This may only be interesting to me; so...sorry if this is too pedantic.
Allan - after your comment of Yin In, Yang Out, I believe I can actually see a moment where uke is 'breathed in' and there is a small but perceptble jump where I think is the beginning of his loss of control over himself.
And w.r.t. JW's comments; I expected that this worked via a kind of all-around power explosion...but actually it is, as you said, a very precise, very aligned, very clean power release along a specific line of absorption/release. maybe i'm not explaining the difference between what I thought before and after; but it is a big difference in my mind. (I.e. Now I am a little less ignorant than before. only a little!) Thanks a lot.

Anyway; I appreciate the clip and your ideas. a lot. It is fascinating to me all the different ways to think about and discuss these things.

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