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Re: Mysteries of tai chi

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Probably not at all, if I wanted to make a point. Or if I really wanted to make a point, I'd make him go backwards when he tried it. If I was fully engaged in seeing exactly how someone does something, I'd probably let myself go too far, but hey.. that's what an investigative set-of-mind does sometimes.
I'm talking about if someone pushed you with force. Like if a big, mean, and ugly brute just came up to you and shoved you back (AND YOU DIDN'T KNOW AIKIDO ). My point is that you would probably fall back in close to the same manner as that guy. You're reacting to something completely unexpected (as the people pushing against Michael), so you don't think about how you take the force, you just take the force, get lifted off your feet, and land. Try asking someone to push you really hard and see how you fly back. I tried it and I hopped back in very much the same manner. Its inevitable.

But damn, now I'm the one over analyzing!
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