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Re: Aikido in a street situation

Ahh... The joys of being female, and in one's late 40s. I can say I'm taking Aikido, and nobody takes it as any kind of challenge, or wants to go outside to see what I'm made of. LOL

I've never gotten into a fight. I was jumped once (long before having heard of Aikido), in junior high school, by a gang of 13 girls. The only good shot I got in was getting off the line of attack by dropping to the ground, unconscious, within seconds. A girl swinging at me failed to stop, and broke her hand punching the wall they'd had me backed up against. Yay me.

Women, I think, have to be more concerned about "being attacked" than "getting into fights." As for using Aikido on the street (and I do have to walk several blocks downtown, after dark, most days), I hope, as Ruth said, to use it to avoid trouble. Or at least to keep my head about me if trouble finds me.

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