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Pretoriano (from Venezuela) wrote:

"Let them laugh, and gossip, give them some cookies, what you can do against nature?they just bring some color, gracious dancing like movements. They dont really bother anyone? and personally ,I just try to train only men on the mat, but there are some females with an attitude, respect and care for them, thats it."

Henry Javier (from Venezuela) wrote:

"When I started training Aikido, there was a woman in the Dojo. From my point of view, she was excellent, brave, valiant, quite attractive, and seemed to love Aikido. Since the compasion and special treatments disapeared to her (increased the intensity of training), she became sad all the time, trying to impose her point of view all the time and giving no chance to anyone to disclaim her thougths. There were moments, when she had the menstruation, that the techniques hurted her more than the usual and instead of explaining that, she changed her expression and in a very loud voice used to say, heyˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ, don't do it that rough, don't you see I'm a ladyˇˇˇˇ, and when it was her turn, she did it the rougher she could. I think this must be an special case, so the point is that women have the same oportunities to make the goals, but they need to be understood because their different nature and physical characteistics."

These Venezuelan guys are just hopeless in their attitudes about women...does anyone else have a problem with this in their dojo? Do you think it has anything to do with the Venezualan preoccupation with beauty contests?

Irony definitely intended.
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