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Re: What is Ki?

What is Ki?
Learning aikido initially through the Ki Society, I was confronted with 'Ki' and its various manifestations through the Ki development exercises and the amazing feats of Ki such as unbendable arm, unraisable body etc.. together with the medatative disciplines. As a researcher I decided to put aside my misgivings until I found out a bit more about Ki. Eventually some understanding came though learning more about the differences in traditional scientific method in the East (observational) and the West (deductive).
The question what is Ki? brings both together quite sussincitly but to a place that neither can stand on a footing. The East doesn't tend to use 'what' or 'why' and the West doesn't have a definition of 'Ki' to start with.
Ki then seems to be a descriptor of stuff that can't be explained further or easily. In recent years i have enjoyed chipping away at some definitions of simple things which has been appreciated by some and not by others..such is life. I have written some of them up, some of it may be if intrest


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