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Re: 2nd Kyu

Thank goodness I don't have to worry about 2nd kyu for a few years (just did 5th kyu yesterday). Here's ours:

2 Kyu Exam Content

Suwariwaza: shomen-uchi ikkyo—yonkyo (omote & ura)
Hanmi handachi: katate-dori shihonage, ryote-dori shihonage
Shomen-uchi: ikkyo—yonkyo, kotegaeshi, iriminage, kokyunage or kokyuho, kaeten nage
Munetsuki: kotegaeshi, iriminage, kokyunage or kokyuho, kaeten nage
Gyakute-dori: kotegaeshi, iriminage, kokyunage or kokyuho
Katate-dori: iriminage, kotegaeshi, kaetennage
Hiji-dori: 3 variations
Morote-dori: 3 variations
Ryote-dori: 3 variations
Ushiroryote-dori: shihonage, kotegaeshi, kokyunage or kokyuho
Jiyuwaza: 1 then 2 attackers
Ukemi: receiving jiyuwaza
Bokken: right/left awase, happo-giri
Jo: 31 jo kata

I'm not sure how long the test is. I think somewhere on the order of 30 minutes? There was a 3rd kyu test yesterday, and it seemed to go on forever. I got exhausted just watching it.

You can see all our other test requirements on the Exams page for Aikido of San Diego. We are part of the California Aikido Association, and Aikikai-affiliated group.

At 2nd kyu students begin working on their Black Belt Project which could be a variety of things, including a thesis sort of project. I've been told there is a collection of them in our dojo library. I should read them!

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