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Re: Physical Tension - Another Thought

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Physical Tension - Another Thought

#1 lays on ground and bends himself into an uncomfortable position, holds his breath as long as possible, noticing where the tension starts to build from then holds the position and uses breathing to recover. Note that the uncomfortable position means the body starts with increased pressure. #1 attempts to equalize this once he assumes the position and throughout the drill. While holding the breath the body will also build pressure, perhaps in the same area, #1 should likewise attempt to equalize this pressure/tension.

Mark Jakabcsin
Interesting - we do something similar with our standard stretches during our warm up. In one exercise, we will relax totally (as in one of Tohie's famous four principles) then we will stretch out each hand in a spiral clockwise motion towards opposing walls while mentally trying to touch each wall. During the stretch we totally exhale and then will inhale at the end of the stretch and hold the breath and stretch. At this point, you should feel a general overall increased pressure/tension in the body. At one point in your stretched path, you will feel more pressure/tension than elsewhere - this is where we put the focus of our mind and then we will mentally try to move the increased pressure point along the stretched path. We also apply this method to all our physical stretch undos.

We find that this approach provides for the physical stretching of the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the path as well as providing a good exercise in working our mental intent to help establish a better internal awareness of our bodies; which we all know is an integral part of IS/IP development.

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