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Re: What is Ki?

What is Ki?
That's like asking smurfs what they mean when they say something is smurfy.
more specifically; smurfy is akin to aiki. First you have to predefine that there is a `smurf` (i.e. `ki`), and then something can be `smurfy`(i.e. `aiki`).
for humans ki is smurfy because we are smurfs. plain and simple.

I think that maybe you could say something useful about `Ki` in that i think it's safe to say that if you know how to build power doing, for instance, San Ti standing stance that you are using your `Ki`.
In my humble maddened scrambles to try to unravel this mystery: i have to say I think It has to do with windings (i.e. the musculotendon stuffs), the effort and skill you can employ in using them (i.e. the `ki` stuff), technique, balance, coordination, packing the breath (i.e. pneuma(/tic) breath pressure pushing into mechanical suit via dantien pressure/rotation via jingluo via blood vessels / OPENING / Moving that breath pressure mechanically via posture shifting and breathing, stretching), pumping the hara, and that sort of thing. Finding connections in the body. Helping to use ki/intent to irradiate the central nervous system, correcting faulty recruitment patterns, opening and creating blood vessels and i'm sure so many other things. the body is truly wonderfully and fearfully made. Anyhoo; that is my best kick at the kan at explaining what i thought all the ki whoohaa was aboot.
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