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Re: Mysteries of tai chi

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About the Tai Chi; I think Micheal Phillips is being reasonable, a lot more reasonable than so many fakes out there. His stuff isn't so far fetched; he's merely following a belief that Chinese people have had for thousands of years. He's just demonstrating how the power of chi and the energy of the attacker can be used to rebound the attacker. Not some crazy mega no-touch "chi punch".
Well, please read that post of mine again. I said I can't tell a lot because his students are too cooperative. I stick by that. I also said what he call "fajing" is not really fajing. I stick by that. Whether he's being "reasonable" or not wasn't anything I was concerned with. What he teaches, etc., has some element of truth to it. He uses some ground and down skills. He uses pressure and fascia training. There are other things, etc., but I mainly made the two points that I mentioned above.


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