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Johann Baptista
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Re: Mysteries of tai chi

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post

To quote someone, just hit the quote button and remove the parts you don't want between the quote and slash/quote markers. If you need to quote more, just be sure that there are quote and slash-quote markers around the original text that you want to quote.


Mike Sigman

About the Tai Chi; I think Micheal Phillips is being reasonable, a lot more reasonable than so many fakes out there. His stuff isn't so far fetched; he's merely following a belief that Chinese people have had for thousands of years. He's just demonstrating how the power of chi and the energy of the attacker can be used to rebound the attacker. Not some crazy mega no-touch "chi punch".

Someone on Youtube commented that they had practiced JuJitsu for (Insert # here) amount of years, and the hardest he's ever been punched was by Micheal Phillips. Sure he could have set it all up, I'm just saying that there are crazier things in this world than that.

- Johann
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