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Re: 2nd Kyu

David Maidment wrote: View Post
Looks nice and varied... almost all of the techniques for my next test (sankyu, in about a month) are ushiro. It's notoriously the most difficult test in our organisation until nidan.
That is indeed quite a bit of Ushiro.

I remember trying to learn it [Ushiro Waza] for the first time for my 3rd kyu... was a bit awkward with some of the techniques. [But same goes for Yokomenuchi as well.]
It seems to be going a bit smoother, at least I hope so in light of the amount of Ushiro on this test.

Your list has elements of what will be in my 1st kyu, when/if I ever get around to it.

We have a lot of the Hamni Hanachi Waza at that level along with the added technique of Jujigarame and some other Otoshi[s]?

Anyway, it was cool seeing your list - fun seeing what other people are up to.



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