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Re: 2nd Kyu

Mark Gibbons wrote: View Post
Lots of folks get ranks not through Hombu or a super Shihan. I think its more a case of knowing how to play the scales in any key. Then you are ready to start learning to play music.

That's a long test list. Looks like fun. How many uke will you use during a test?

One uke for everything listed above, who is testing as well for the same rank.
When finished we will switch and I will play the role of uke - as you can see the test can take a lot out of you!

Also, typically it has been with someone from another dojo that I have never practiced with... which made things really interesting!

And for Jiyuwaza I will have two ukes for three separate types of attacks.

I tend to agree with your analogy by the way.



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