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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

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... The way an expert calligrapher does characters was also supposed to be an indication of his hara and interenal strength development (which is why in the movie "Hero", Jet Li wanted to see how 'Broken Sword' did a certain character with a brush).

Maybe the point is...[/url]

Mike Sigman
like how you flick your body
i really liked that movie. you know what else blew my mind was the way they showed time slow down when the mandolin player was going at it in the beginning and they had their whole fight .... in their minds. and they could play it out to know who would win...and that eventuality startled them back to consciousness at that present moment...and *actually* started the fight. yeah. that well portrayed what it was like to step outside of time. afaik.

mike - why and what do you think you could possibly learn about watching someone write a character?
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