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Re: Confused... Uke Ready to Jump?

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
my main confusion surrounds the fact that uke in a lot of attacks are constantly going for wrist grabs and there seems to be much less footage of intense attacks down the centre line....

i may be completely observing these wrong, but a lot of the time, uke's appear to be running especially to grab the wrists and already prepared to take a jump...
I must have missed those videos, typically everything is shihonage that I see.

Seriously the whole idea of Aikido being about grabbing wrist is interesting to me, and not quite sure why that is what most people think of - maybe due to the fact that it is a starting point in Aikido. [you have to start somewhere.]

Basically we attack the following:

- wrist
- shoulders
- elbows
- head
- neck
- legs


The attacks are for every body part, we even have kicks [to a limited extent] as part of our 2nd kyu test.

Again, we start with wrist, because fact is, if your new to Aikido it can be quite weird starting off not knowing where to put what foot, etc. [It was awkward for me, and I chalked it down to me learning in Hungarian... but then I saw our new guys and it was as awkward for them.]

Once you get the hang of it, things flow and you just apply principles to various situations. If you want, do cross-training and try to apply what you learned in Aikido there. [It can be enlightening to be sure.]

[dont forget the spiritual aspect, as well as how to really win a fight - finding out why you got in the situation to begin with is a start and if you could have avoided it.]

As for Uke ready to jump... Ill tell you, if I know what someone is going to do Im not going to procrastinate... some of these guys know what they are doing and I dont feel like having my wrist out of sorts for a couple of weeks like when I first began. [so they may not be moving for the reason you think. i.e., to make it look like it works, but because it does and quite frankly they are trying to protect their joints.]

Also, you work on speed and trying to get out of something... i.e., roll out of ikkyo to see how well they are actually applying the technique... and then do a reverse technique on them - this is always a winner.

As for defense, Aikido is about joints...

the attacks are to:

- wrist
- elbow
- shoulders
- combos of the above, etc.

Then apply that to:

- legs
- feet,
- etc.,

Again Aikido is rich and fun... its really what you make it out to be.



Thinking about it, I can see why someone would attack wrist though... If they get a hold of you there are some mighty fun techniques to use to control you... [uchi-kaiten sankyo is just pure fun]

Of course a punch to the face may be needed... point is you cant limit the possibilities - or you can, and then it becomes what you made of it.

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