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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
The suit with the tanden as center as certain physical properties. If you exert force on it, the force will follow certain lines through it, because of its physical properties.
The body, in gross structure, is a series of connected tubes. Every structure is weakest in shear, and especially torsional shear. In a tube under torsion the shear strain is largest at the surface and zero at the axis of the tube. The "suit" and "lines" is simply the sensation of the torsional strains being transmitted along the fascial tissues at the periophery of the torso and limbs -- the shear stress lines -- one compressive, and one tensile (i.e -- tenchi), are at right angles to one another and both diagonal with respect to the axis of the twist, as the lines of "contradictory stress" spiral ("windings") around the tube.

Like this:

Deeper understanding will come to recognize that this relationship in relatively static stress of "Taut" action (rotational moments) is mathematically and physically interchangeable with and equivalent to actual periodic rotations (pendulum behavior) in more "Loose" action.

Training methods may vary, but correct understanding of the flow of stresses, strains and induced motions in the body will help what ever training you are doing.

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