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Dirk Hünniger
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Re: Top 10 Reasons Why You Joined Aikido

I kind of realized that I am able to enjoy some physical pain and restraint and wanted to do that together with other people. We had discussion with two graduated physicists and one PhD in mechanical engineering at the research and development department of my employer. Our first idea was to contact the BDSM scene, but somehow I still feel a little bit afraid of them, although they seem to be very ordinary people, who have to hide a bit since their actions are not so well tolerated by society. I read on their forms that some of them do Aikido and experience feeling comparable to those the feel during BDSM, all though not all of them feel that way even if doing Aikido. So I started to experiment with Aikido myself and found out that like it a lot. My joy is including the physical pain and restraint stuff but definitely not limited to it. Aikido just feels great. It is very appealing to me that you don't have to hide and can openly tell anybody that you enjoy to be thrown onto the mat by your peers or even to through them yourself. And if there is a minor who wants to see that, s/he can just come to the training and watch, or even join the youth class himself/herself.
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