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Re: Students of Nishio Sensei

Yasuhiko Takemori Sensei, Aikido 7th Dan Aikikai, Iaido 8th Dan Zenkoku Iaido Renmei.
Takemori-sensei came to Sweden for the first time in the early 90īs, at that time he was the assistant of Nishio sensei. He was for a very long time exclusive uke for Nishio sensei at his exhibitions.

Since 1997 Takemori-sensei teaches yearly seminars in Uppsala and Helsinki, and since 2003 he also visits St Petersburg yearly.

Takemori-sensei often uses bokken and jo in his aikido - elements that in his execution perhaps are less traditional from an aikido-historic perspective but nevertheless expresses the principles of aikido very dynamically.

Along with his high rank in aikido, Takemori-sensei also holds 8 dan in iaido (Zen Koku Iaido Renmei). He works at a junior high school where he teaches Japanese literature and foreign relations. He is married and has four sons. He and his family live in Yokosuka near Yokohama.

In 2009, Takemori Sensei also conducted a course in London, United Kingdom.

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