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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

Oisin Bourke wrote: View Post
Instead of completely dismissing videos posted,
The first video was presented as an illustration of straightness and groundedness. I addressed those two specific points. About the second one, I said I'd like to see him with a less cooperative uke. Because of that, I had no further comments.
How is that completely dismissing the videos?

not answering direct questions
Like Ignatius said: what direct questions? If I overlooked them, I apologize and will answer them.

interpreting comments as "challenges"
That wasn't me.

EG what's being done along the right lines in the videos
And what if I don't think that those videos are very good illustrations of the points I'd like to make? Not that that necessarily means that the persons in those videos are incapable, just that that particular video is not a very good illustration of the specific point I'd like to make?

IMO asking for videos and then dismissing them without posting anything of one's own is just ignorant.
I didn't ask for videos. (I did suggest that providing a picture might advance the discussion on Jonathan's ideas on good posture.)
Secondly, I did not dismiss them, I addressed some specific points in them raised by Jonathan. Next time I'll just dismiss them by not commenting at all?
Finally, if I think it useful to link to a video to illustrate one of my points, I will do so.

..., but your posting style comes across as rather arrogant and dismissive.
I agree that these IS discussions have regularly turned to some sort of weird game in which those 'in the know' (or those who think they are) are dismissive of opinions of those deemed 'not in the know' (rightfully or not). It wasn't always pretty and occasionally it overshot its purpose. I was aware of this when I replied to Jonathan. Perhaps I made the wrong decision.

p.s.: Jonathan, I'll reply to your post when I have some more time.
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