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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

Jonathan Olson wrote: View Post
I think my ability to continue this discussion is waning. . Joep, if your going to critique my teacher, I'd like a counter-example. I'd also like to know what your experience is, what knowledge are you basing your judgement on.
I have to agree with Jonathan's comments. I've followed this thread and it's becoming really irritating.

Joep and Ignatius: Instead of completely dismissing videos posted, not answering direct questions and interpreting comments as "challenges", why not give simple, direct, explicable answers to Jonathan's comments? EG what's being done along the right lines in the videos? IMO asking for videos and then dismissing them without posting anything of one's own is just ignorant.

I think you guys have a lot to offer. I'm sure ye're well skilled, but your posting style comes across as rather arrogant and dismissive.
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