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Re: about those fighter pilots . . .

Paul Clark wrote:

Just in case you're still reading this thread:

Well said, but be prepared to get a new nickname out of the "react emotionally and gossip with the best of them" remark if any fighter pilots besides me read this!

By the way, for anyone interested, sounds to me like Colleen would make the perfect fighter pilot wife, maybe even a good fighter pilot.

I'm also already spoken for :-)

went away for awhile... hey, Paul, considering my call sign already is Fingers, ever since my first squadron (the Pantons), I could consider a name change, but probably would keep forgetting to answer to it!

and I'd make a GREAT fighter pilot--- ---although I must admit my 450 hours are undoubtedly no where near yours...

reminds me of an arguement I once got into with my pilot in how to transfer control of the radar (he was a young LT, while I was a not much older Capt)...finally he had to call back to the sqdn for advice, and dumbly (or heroicly) admitted on our return to the sqdn that I had been right but he hadn't tried my advice until it was echoed by the major to whom he'd spoken. My flt cmdr, who had had to answer his call, threw a magazine at him at said 'she may not have as many hours as you do, but ALL of hers are in the B model"
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