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Re: Matt Thorton recounts an experience with Aikido

Shane Goodrich wrote: View Post
That would make sense to me. And to be clear about the non fighting conditioning katas, it needs to be clear, how,why and for what purpose. Kata may have body training in mind but if no one is able to teach it the proper way, who cares.
Well, once you know some of the rationale behind single-person katas, you can work some things out for yourself. They are really meant for you to find out for yourself what's there by doing them and thinking about the purpose of the movements.

There is so much the master can tell you, but the art is for you to work it out for yourself. If you take a good kata and work on it by yourself for ten years, really diligently, you'll develop your own understanding. Of course, that's assuming you do kihon practice and kumite along with the kata practice.

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