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Deb Fisher
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We all know that these thread-starters would be very inappropriate:

"Well, there are black people in my dojo, and they are really funny and have great rhythm but boy their fingers are always all sticky from eating so much watermelon and I've noticed that people's stuff keeps going 'missing' now that they've joined."

or perhaps...

"You know, the Jews in my dojo are really good with money... to a fault! They are always looking for a way to get out of paying all their dues! Do any of you have trouble like this at your dojo?"

We know in our hearts that this kind of talk is very wrong, because we KNOW that a whole huge group of people cannot be penned in by divisive stereotypes. It's ineffective, it's closed-minded, it's very un-aiki.

Please, someone tell me why this "politically incorrect" thread is any different from the ugly, hateful example threads I have provided?

Please tell me why women seem to be the last group of people it's okay to hate and denegrate in public.

Deb Fisher
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