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Re: Confused... Uke Ready to Jump?

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
my main confusion surrounds the fact that uke in a lot of attacks are constantly going for wrist grabs and there seems to be much less footage of intense attacks down the centre line....

i may be completely observing these wrong, but a lot of the time, uke's appear to be running especially to grab the wrists and already prepared to take a jump...
An aikidoka uke knows the technique and knows what's going to happen after his attack. He will move in the direction that's supposed to move and fall how it's supposed to be etc... It's a little bit unnatural and not street-wise combat.

In training, as uke, I sometimes attack my opponent as it should, with feet standing like it should etc...
But sometimes I put my feet different, not aikido-wise, sometimes by mistake.
Than I hear my opponent say: "hey, you put your feet the wrong way".
Than I think: "in a real attack, are you going to tell your opponent first to put his feet the right way?".

Same things for attacks, in real life it's more aggressive and with kicks etc... Not of those things happen in Aikido to train on.

I understand Aikido is a human friendly sport and training is just to train the techniques friendly. So the uke will most of the time not counterwork, he'll make the moves needed in the Aikido technique.
Aikido is more based on learning techniques, learning everything behind it, userfriendly. This way, Aikido is fun, but not always really self-defending in real life situations.

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