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Re: Matt Thorton recounts an experience with Aikido

Shane Goodrich wrote: View Post
I don't understand when I see some movement in kata but when I see practitioner of said kata fight/spar they don't do the movements like done in the kata. For example the blocks, they don't cross there arms(thus bringing the blocking arm away from what it is suppose to block) before blocking.

I always wonder if we had no tradition of kata(I refer to the one person tma type katas) or the traditional ways of learning in tma. Say we only had aliveness methods or whatever ways are considered good training for MMA/fighting then one day someone had the idea of tma type training methods, one person katas with multiple levels of meaning, chambered blocks,etc what would we think of that?
Okay, lets look at this scenario. What if you had a bunch of guys that fought without any understanding of methodology. Lets say their methods were simply trial and error and they fought everyday and tried to replicate success.

Eventually they would reach the conclusion that they needed to figure out how to break things down into a more systematic approach. It would involve some sort of kata.

Again, the issue is not that kata is not helpful, just that alot of kata that is practiced out there is simply alot of stuff that no longer can be articulated back to something that allows it to be a systematic and progressive system that someone can even understand.

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