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Re: Matt Thorton recounts an experience with Aikido

David wrote:

Of course, that mental state is also used in military close order drill and part of the purpose of close order drill is to empty the soldier's mind and make him directly responsive to the commands of the leadership and to the small physical cues from his fellows.
Yes, but it is also overly simplistic as well. One thing we are very keen on the military today is that training must be multi-layered. Live, Virtual, and Constructive. Live meaning it must replicate as close as possible to the actual conditions one will experience. Virtual to replicate those things that are time consuming, expensive, or dangerous, or hard to measure. Constructive....all training must be done in a way that provides feedback.

This is my whole point about kata. It is but one aspect of training, and the person must understand the linkages.

That is all I am really saying I suppose.

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