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Geri Coop
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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

You turn down a great job because it would mean missed practice nights; and mourn a good teacher accepting a contract that means he's away half the week.

You begin by travelling six hours twice a week to practise; then start camping in the car and working via dongle to practise three times for the cost of one return journey; then break the bank to move, leaving friends, family and work, so as to practise four times a week; which then became five times a week because a new club started up close enough...

You study neuro linguistic programming and say oh, it's just aikido!

You implement conference calls instead of away meetings (for sustainability and cost savings, of course) in case travel delays cause you to miss practice.

You see a yudansha using a neat nikkyo to confiscate an item from his seven-year-old and consider Aikido in Parenting classes to grow the dojo.

You buy your flat because its high ceiling and open plan are big enough for jo practice.

You tackle calves with aiki nage; shift feed sacks with koshi nage; and redefine horsemanship as pure aikido.

You tap at the painful spots when receiving shiatsu [but the shiatsuka who is also your sensei laughs, "Doesn't work on this mat!].

You organise conferences in locations where there are dojos you'd like to visit and design the programme so you can go to practice while everyone else is at the dinner.

You have chronic ‘injuries' because recovery means no aikido.

A relationship is unlikely because the only aikidoka you know are married and who else would understand? Even then it would have to be someone with tai sabaki as good as your favourite yudansha, otherwise what would be the point of all those hours together?

Your sports physio stops bothering to say, "rest it" and shows you how to splint and rigid-tape instead (and gives you frequency discount).

You still get to the dojo in a blizzard and don't understand why no one else is there.

You're on this forum because it's the night of the week with no practice.

Someone says, "why do you do it?" and your answer is, "because I can't bear not to."
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