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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

Great Discussion...

I agree with those who wish to practice Aikido as a Martial Art...If it does not work the biggest mistake you can make is fooling yourself into thinking it does especially in physically dangerous circumstances...

Something I see not being brought up...The Huge difference between those folks who come to practice Aikido with Martial Experience and those whose only "Martial" experience is Aikido...

All it takes is one or two Kumite Sessions for a man or woman to know that a huge part of any Martial System is the ability to execute your practice under duress and physical pain. Experienced Martial Artists bring this understanding to Aikido and then learn to transcend retaliation (not sure if this is the way I want to articulate Aikido but it will do for now ) While if one never has the experience of being hit or "fighting" it's harder to embrace this concept in a Practical Sense.

Simply put... Toughing up the Body will lead to Strengthening of the Spirit so to speak (Apologies to Bodhidharma for my simplification) but I am not so sure it works the other way around.

I think (there I go thinking again LOL) that may be one of the many reasons why Shoji Nishio encouraged his students to explore other Martial Practices not because Aikido lacks anything per se....But to fully understand why Aikido must be effective as a Martial Art if it is to be considered as a Budo.

I have also often wondered if this is why O'Sensei kept encouraging Shoji Nishio to innovate Aikido as a Martial folks would not "get stuck" in it's great spiritual ideology.

William Hazen
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