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Re: Looking for Ukemi Fall Names

My training teaches me that falling and rolling is only part of ukemi. We have specific ways to fall for many techniques, and other factors such as state of mind. The following consists of all our basic rolls that I can remember:

yoko ukemi: side

Koho ukemi dai ichi: sit back breakfall #1 no slapping hands

koho ukemi dai ni: sit back breakfall #2 slapping hands

hikiashi koho ukemi dai ichi: step back breakfall #1 no slap

hikiashi koho ukemi dai ni: step back breakfall #2 slap

koho kaiten ukemi: backward roll

Zenpo Kaiten Ukemi Dai Ichi (kata hizatsuki): forward roll #1, one knee down

zenpo kaiten ukemi dai ni: forward roll #2. with a slap (from standing)

zenpo kaiten ukemi dai san: forward roll #3, with slap, (rear leg stays straight to absorb shock, but go back to standing anyway)

zenpo kaiten ukemi dai yon: forward roll #4, with slap, (rear leg stays straight but does not touch mat as you roll through and stand up)

Hyaku Ukemi: this is a "jumping" breakfall. Not sure why its called "100"

Tobi Koshi Ukemi (sotai dosa): This is a jumping breakfall over your buddy's bent over body (lower back/hip, hence koshi)

Don't know what the "on your knees fall on your face" breakfall is called.

There is one other one, but I can't remember it b/c no one practices it at our dojo.


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