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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

Ignatius Teo wrote: View Post
Then, if you want to talk about "testing", have someone hold your wrists and push gently, straight in with a constant force, whilst in that position. Can you bounce/push/throw them off - without moving? How much arm/shoulder are you engaging? Where is your power coming from? And how is that the same/different to basic kokyu-ho where you simply throw the uke up and back, or to the side?
I have some questions about some magic things happening in my dojo.

The sensei is telling to work with your center. An inner power coming from your belly, I suppose.
For what I could make up, it's about breathing via your belly and from that point creating a power.
But it's totally not working with me. How can you practice this?

For example with kokyu-ho.
You have to unbalance or move your opponent from a static moment, without using your arms or forces or muscles.
Somehow, the others cn create such a power from their belly with a breath-trick.
But it isn't working as I try it.
I already asked much people, but none can explain hw to do so.

I haven't read the whole thread yet, but I have large interest in that kokyu technique that I want to read some books about it.
Maybe things about Ki in Aikido (C. M. Shifflett) or Ki in Daily Life (Koichi Tohei) or good references?

Also, for general techniques in Aikido they're always talking about 'use your center'. Don't use power, but your center has to do it. I already know now that I have to point my center to the opponent, but while doing a turn or a tai sabaki it's not always possible.
Or can someone explain me how to use my 'center' in lots of Aikido techniques?
In my dojo, no one can explain what that center is. Is it my belly? Do I have to behave my belly different while doing the same technique?

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