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Re: Matt Thorton recounts an experience with Aikido

Thanks for the discussion David. I agree alot with what you say, most of it.

I think we may have a different perspective on Kata that I would like to explore maybe a little more indepth as this is a great conversation. Perhaps not tonight as it would take me a while to do so and I have to get some sleep! lol!

I will ask this question though:

The important thing is the tai sabaki--not the techniques
Why not simply just cut out all the stuff that is not important and practice the tai sabaki?

Judo has some great exercises for tai sabaki that have good connectedness and aliveness. Wrestling also has some good drills to teach tai sabaki.

Not really related 100% to the Tai Sabaki discussion, but some gems in the video....I think timing is very important.

The examples you provided are fine, but what are the teaching points they are trying to acheive. They are void of all timing and fight pressure. That has been filtered all out. I don't believe that as good as the posture and technique might be that it would survive the "combat pressure" that come into play with timing and fight pressure. Blauer I think covers this concept pretty well with his training drills.

Okay, we can look at the bunkai in the videos you provide, but what fight skill is it really training? How does it help anyone learn anything concerning fighting when you have stripped out what I would consider the important dynamics of the fight?

More tomorrow, and thanks again for the great discussion.

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