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Re: The Problem with Being a Big Guy

Some day soon, if not yet your strength will become a useful thing for your teachers and fellow student to train against. LOL You'll likely find yourself chosen for senseis uke when he wants to show the class how to move unmovable people. I kinda enjoy getting to play that role myself.

The thing is to learn how to adjust for the needs of the individual you are working with. For instance I had to lighten up and be very compliant for our brand new student last night because he just needs to feel the form right now. But I also worked with Sensei last night and with him, if I can stop his technique I am expected to do so. So for him I get to play heavy Uke and be as resistant as I am naturally inclined to be.

What you see as a problem now will soon be an advantage. You just have to lean how to make it useful.

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