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Amir Krause
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Re: The Problem with Being a Big Guy

Scott Ellis wrote: View Post
how to give a strong and honest attack, at least after the technique has commenced, .. . The moment of the attack is fine. It is my role as uke afterward that is the problem.
So far so good.

Scott Ellis wrote: View Post
hen I feel gaps when they gave me my balance back, or, having been stretched, the moments when there is slack to turn it around.
These are examples of the "openings" people talk about - you are already becoming skilled enough to sense them Unlike what you wrote.

Scott Ellis wrote: View Post
* simply riding along keeping a connection and offering just enough resistance to feel out where they are directing me, and falling into the space I think they are trying to place my body.

* throw a wrench into their technique because I am trying to beat them through center and strength to the place that I know that they are trying to take me

* resist during the times you feel there is an opening in the technique

* wrestle with them after I have stopped the person's technique

* apply,..., the reversals for the techniques people are applying to me.
Sorry for taking some sentences out of context, but you are presenting multitude of options for Uke behavior, and the truth is that you are correct in all of them. That is the place of the education Uke does, you should adjust your behavior to Tori abilities, so he may learn, and do it within your abilities.

You could and in my opinion should try to "throw a wrench" into someones technique, if he succeeds too often (which means he has no challenge and will not get better). If Tori tries to continue on even though there was a large opening, you may wrestle with him for a moment, to let him feel there was an opening (no need to win the wrestle, he should realize that your ability to wrestle with him, means an opening, regardless of who wins after the wrestling).

Same with all other interruptions, so long as you are fair as you wrote:
Scott Ellis wrote: View Post
...advance knowledge of how the person does that technique. Not only is this unfair to Nage, but it isn't very harmonious on my part either.
I would suggest, that prior to doing you should ask your Sensei for guidance on this. Different teachers have different views and educational approaches, your Sensei may disagree with me. If he agrees, he will have to put an eye on you to help you act honestly, in a fair manner.

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