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Re: Matt Thorton recounts an experience with Aikido

David wrote:

I will admit that most people don't think of those things when they think of aikido, but they have an image of a guy who's 50% overweight with a roomful of students who are either 50% over or 50% underweight, smiling insipidly as one pretends to throw and the other pretends to be throw
For me though, it was not even I am "not that guy" but pretty competent at Martial Arts even before I took BJJ. That was not the issue at all.

The issue was I simply did not understand the aspect of fighting from that paradigm or in that spectrum that BJJ or grappling deals with.

It became very apparent when I threw on a Blauer suit in a CQB environment and then proceeded to go "No Holds Barred" with weapons, a taser, and knees, elbows etc....

Bottom line, all my years of training had not prepared me for managing a fight or even training in the way.

I understand that now. I have a better understanding of the place aikido serves as a martial methodology, and I can (I hope) articulate aikido's relevance in the spectrum of training.

To me that is the issue. Not looking at a "typical dojo" and passing judgement. Matt seems like a straight shooter with good evaluation criteria.

Frankly given what he trains for and his really probably is a very poor mechanism for delivering the skills that he is looking for and the clientele that he serves.

So, based on that...I have no bone really to pick with Matt as he is simply making what I think is an honest judgement call and if someone came along and could show him different...he'd say cool, lets go!

The questions we have to ask ourselves is "are we really as open minded to do the same as well?" AND "do we understand our own criteria for evaluating our training objectives?"

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