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Re: The Problem with Being a Big Guy

Thank you for your reply.

John Murray wrote: View Post
If someone asks you to crank down on them, then do your best to give them what they asked for. These days, I'd rather learn where the flaws in my technique are than have an uke fall down for me, playing on that edge and pushing it a little bit is the key to my personal growth.
That is what I hoped I was supposed to be doing. Thank you for the vote of confidence.

John Murray wrote: View Post
I tend to look at our paired kata training as the homework that helps us reshape our body and synapses to move in an aikido way, all the while, learning what happens to us and our partners as forces and energy are applied in different directions throughout the techniques.
I think this is part of my principle problem as well. I am not yet skilled enough at this point to apply, or even see, the reversals for the techniques people are applying to me. Instead, because I know the basic kata, I can only throw a wrench into their technique because I am trying to beat them through center and strength to the place that I know that they are trying to take me. This isn't being a good uke (at least I don't think.) But I haven't figured out how to give a strong and honest attack, at least after the technique has commenced, without essentially doing what I described above. The moment of the attack is fine. It is my role as uke afterward that is the problem. I should add that I don't mean just trying to stop people from the start and playing immovable vice grips, but also when I feel gaps when they gave me my balance back, or, having been stretched, the moments when there is slack to turn it around. Should I be simply compliant (easy flowing uke) after the initial attack has been dealt with and the technique is in progress, or does giving a "strong attack" imply that you are going to resist during the times you feel there is an opening in the technique? I can't see the openings yet, but I know they are there. The only problem is my aikido is not yet strong enough to exploit them. I could maybe wrestle with them after I have stopped the person's technique that I not only initiated but also have advance knowledge of how the person does that technique. Not only is this unfair to Nage, but it isn't very harmonious on my part either. But I also don't want to be dishonest in the sense that I am simply riding along keeping a connection and offering just enough resistance to feel out where they are directing me, and falling into the space I think they are trying to place my body. This is generally the uke I aspire to be, but if a person were to specifically ask for a strong attack, to me this wouldn't be very honest on my part.

Thanks again for your post, John. I look forward to training with you again soon.
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