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Re: Where Did Ueshiba Morihei's Training Go?

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I'll try a short response.

Christian Tissier does this pose sometimes. His Teacher Yamaguchi also did it.
It can be a very good position of zanshin. But if you force it, it will hinder your technique. It will often be the result of doing a technique totally relaxed.
In our Training we deliberately try not to use it!

The atari movements of Endo have something of those push tests. And we do some other things which remind me of the push-tests of Ueshiba.
We are not doing ki-Tests like ki aikido. It's different.

My teacher is the German shibucho of the Sugino dojo.
Christian Tissier teaches the derivate of Kashima shin ryu he learns from Inaba Sensei. Who also teaches in Germay.
There is a lot of koryu weapons touching our aikido.

Tissier himself was activ in kickboxing, which is very popular in France. And trains with karateka of the national team.

Well: We often mix up with people of other arts or sports. We have seminars or we train together and have people of other arts or sports in our regular training.

No insular existence at all.
Thanks for the reply.

I've seen video of Christian Tissier but never him in that pose. Do you know why he does that? Or why Yamaguchi did it? Zanshin only? More to it?

Can you say any more about your push tests? What kind do you do? It's interesting to hear that other schools are doing them.

It's why I asked the questions. It seems that parts and pieces of Ueshiba were divided among his students. It seems that no one got all of his training.

I know some schools did branch out somewhat and incorporated other martial arts into their studies. Nishio and Mochizuki come to mind. And I don't downplay any of that. But, Ueshiba training in karate was ... well, very little if any. Naginata, again, little if any. Kendo. Etc. Yet, Ueshiba was viewed as very good by quite a few high ranking people in those arts. And they didn't just go by his reputation. They met him. Tested him (not formal challenges). What is the difference?
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