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Re: Where Did Ueshiba Morihei's Training Go?

Michael Gelum wrote: View Post
Hey Mark,

Out the fricking window with the baby and bathwater!

Peace, love and yada-yada have replaced the martial attitude , so EVERYONE can be partake in Aikido, AikiBudo or whatever.

Funny thing, Tuhan and I have this discussion all the time, while "comparing" mechanics and concepts, as opposed to wrote techniques.

" Do not apply your crappy standards, to my skill ", remember that?

Train well,

Hi Mickey,

Just wondering where some of Ueshiba's training went. Think about it. Ever see pics or vids of Tomiki in the pose I mentioned in #1? Shioda? So, why not? What happened? Or did they at some point? They're gone, so we can't ask them. But maybe some people might remember.

Or for example, my #2 point. Push tests. There's a video of Dr. Lee (Tomiki lineage) showing an exercise where two people are at arm's length. Each one has their right hand out, crossing and touching at the wrist. The information given is that one person steps forward and the other person steps backwards. But, what if that exercise was a push-out type exercise where the person "stepping backwards" wasn't supposed to move unless actually forced to move? So, in essence, there could have been an actual push test exercise to build the skill to withstand pushes. Anyone remember the creation of that exercise?

Perhaps things were altered, changed, modified. But, who remembers?
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