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Amir Krause
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Re: The Problem with Being a Big Guy

It is very difficult to be a "good Uke", when you are tori, you can think only on the technique, when you are Uke, you have to think on your own reactions, your safety and the feedback you give to Tori. There is a reason in many Koryu Kata, the Ue part is done by the teacher.

Some pointers that may help you as a big person:
1. Our best learninig is done when we succeed ~75% of the time. Unless especially requested, try to aim to this target, give more resistence (many ways of doing that - faster, stronger, agile, stable, smart) if the successes indicate the exercise is too easy or less on the other case.
The same aplies to your own requests as Tori.

2. When practicing try not to use all your force, especiallly not gainst lighter/smaller people. You may fail more this way, but your aim is to learn technique against people that are larger then you.

Still, you should find someone you can use all your force against yet he will be able to at least take Ukemi, even if not fully resist you.

I may continue later.

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