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Long tern effects on the body from Internal Trainig, is there a risk?

I recently became interested in internal martial and have considered starting to practice on my own, I have hesitated to really to start because of some warnings I received from people about doing the stuff incorrectly can cause damage(this was in regards to the Aunkai method) to the body.

But I was wondering about internal training in general(done correctly) and the long tern effects on the body. Using the ligaments,tendons etc in such odd ways seems like it could lead to damaging them.

What do you think about this, I doubt there are studys do to the small number of people(relatively) practicing in IA. But perhaps some people have there own experience to draw on from teaching others or from hearing from your doctor,etc

And please lets try to not use arguments like, well I have done it for 40 years and I am fine ergo it must be safe(though if you have trained IA for a while I would like to know how you feel). Its like saying well that guy smoked 2 packs a day for his whole life and he is 91 with no lung problems therefor smoking does not hurt the lungs.

And if it matters I would be training using Dan Hardens method and/or Aunkai.

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