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Re: The Problem with Being a Big Guy

I forgot something. An honest attack means attacking as smart as you know how to. For me (and my sensei's story of O-sensei punching a stiff attacker that gave a nage some trouble backs this up) that means being loose and relaxed. Martially the relaxedness helps you. (Don't take it so far that it is dangerous for you of course-- be smart.)
So for that reason I lean away from the stiff end of the spectrum. No reason to be over on that end, since you can be very strong when you are relaxed and being smart.

So for me, the balance between strong and soft is more about how to be strong and effective WHILE being soft. In other words, as an attacker, it is not about how rigid you can make yourself, but how dangerous can you make your self by having a good relaxed connection to your target.
It's what I'm working on anyway. Happy training!
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