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Re: The Problem with Being a Big Guy

As a fellow "Big Guy", at 6foot5 and 400lbs plus, I have a good idea what you are talking about. My best advice would be to concentrate on your Ukemi. Both in general and as it applies to specific techniques. This should help you get back that "flowy" feeling on a much more regular basis. I must admit I used to "stop" some peoples' techniques using my brute strength. That was until I realized one day that they were doing the "stopping" and were in essence being very kind to me by not finishing the technique and leaving me me with an injury. Ukemi, for me is the most enjoyable part of most techniques. It's not very often that someone our size gets to "fly" with a safe landing anticipated. Perhaps the highest compliment I have been payed in my 11 years of Aikido practice was when I overheard someone saying, "he falls very softly for a Big Guy".
Happy Training.

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