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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

I side with Mary on this one. In my dojo it would be open to my values that everyone with everyone else regardless of sex, creed, or religion etc. If you cannot do this based on your Religious Restrictions then there are other dojos to search for.

I would not draw the same conclusion in a restaurant in which one chooses to not eat meat based on religious restriction. As a vegetarian with a philosophical and religious restriction against eating meat I will go to restuarants and not eat meat.

I would not draw the same parallel as my choice has no impact on my fellow diners. I can participate fully in the conversation and dining experience with them.

In a Dojo in Virginia, USA...religious restrictions would be disruptive to the majority of the student base. This is why I make this statement.

In another culture or country, I could see segregation being just fine as it might be the cultural norm. Not so where I live.

Just as if I went to a all meat restaurant where everything was made with animal products and I insisted or expected that they change the menu for me, and it then became disruptive others experience.

There is a reason I don't go to Outback Steakhouse or Ruth Chris'!

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