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Amir Krause
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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

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No, she doesn't. The instructor was also Muslim. When the students with the RR came he would not train with her. However, when they were not there he would. He being more of a modernist would appease the more radical by accomodating them and excluding the female student to the extent that she had no one to train with.
I believe this is the main difference between my opinion and my experience and your opinion and experience.

Where I train, a RR (Jewish if it matters) was admitted to the class, he was accommodated to not train with Women, but all the others did train with the women. His restrictions were respected, but not on the expense of others. If he thought there is some problem in some situation, he was the one left sitting on the side, not any of the woman (unless one of them wanted to rest, and took his existence as an excuse; but this was their choice, not his).

What you are describing in this quote is not the same, this is the Sensei\Sempai restricting the women once other people (RR) are there. Personally I condemn your sensei behavior in this matter. In my opinion and belief (as an Atheist \ non believer of Jewish descent myself) your Sensei should had admitted the RR people, he should had also allowed them not to train with Woman. But, he must not make any additional accommodations for them. He must not stop training with you because of their presence, not to speak of letting any other (non RR) person exclude you from his practice. That was discriminatory!

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