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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

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Your analogy is exactly reversed: she wants to sit next to someone on the bus, and is mad that some of the other riders refuse to sit by her.
They must run city buses differently where you come from. Where I come from, if there's an empty seat on the bus, anyone can sit down in it. If the person in the next seat doesn't want to sit next to a woman, or a person of color, or a guy in a suit, that person can get up and stand, or leave the bus if they want. They can't refuse the right of another passenger to sit on that seat next to them.

If you don't like that analogy, though, how's this one? A Buddhist seeks employment as a waiter in a barbecue restaurant, and after being hired, demands that the restaurant stop serving meat because having to serve platters of ribs to patrons violates his religious principles. Sound reasonable? I'd say it's just as reasonable as entering a dojo, where the assumption is that everybody trains with everybody, and then demand that other people's training change to accommodate you.

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