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Re: Real Highest Ranking

Paul Rapoza wrote: View Post
Who cares?
I have to agree with this in this case. The question is colored with personal contempt.

On the other hand I have to thank the original poster for the great answers people responded with on this thread.

John Taylor Yezeguielian wrote: View Post
O'Sensei taught us to not worry about what others think of Aikido, just practice tenkan every day. I'd say the same is true of ryus and teachers. Assuming you have a good one (Tamiki excepted, IMO) follow your instructors and sempeis. Practice your Aikido. Seek your own sense of Center and Balance, and practice Tenkan every day. This is the instruction of the Founder, who is the real Highest Ranking sensei in Aikido.
Great reply ..thanks...Gene...

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