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Re: Yoshi Kuroiwa Sensei Passes Away

I had the good fortune to meet Sensei Kuroiwa several times during his visits to the U.S. and I took all the classes I could. He had an amazing perspective on Aikido. He was also one of the nicest and most un-assuming people I have ever met.

I remember one time at Summer Camp in Boulder when he came into this vast gymnasium to teach a class. There were probably a hundred people lined up in formal seiza waiting to train. Most of the other instructors would walk impressively to the center of the mat to bow us in. I could tell by the reluctant look on Sensei's face that this was way too big a deal for him. So he simply walked to the edge of the mat nearest the entrance, did a seated bow and started showing stuff to the people nearby. The rest of the befuddled group had to quickly surge to the corner of the room so as not to miss the lesson.

Although I only knew him as one student in big crowd of other U.S. students, I can't help but remember him with real fondness.

Don Hebert

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