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Re: Hormonal & Psychological Responses to Combat

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
The Zulu version is also a type of Amanita.
How interesting. Take a glance at Wikipedia's article on berserkers, which describes their conduct before, during, and after in a way that you may find supports your ideas. Even if the Norse didn't use this drug, or used alcohol as a trance driver, the descriptions appear parallel to me.

My son was born there. Actually the whole Bantu (mixed pastoralist/ agriculturalist) expansion into southern Africa saw several iterations of this process of expansion and centralization and then societal fracture -- Great Zimbabwe, and others are literal monuments to that -- Europeans had little impact in the genesis of the process that Shaka generally followed -- he just upped the ante technically -- though the Boers and Brits had much influence in its result after Blood River.
Thanks for the additional information. The process you describe is similar in Hawaii and, I believe, probably recurs when societies are prone to the kind of centralization of power distinguishing a "kingdom" from a "chiefdom."

The black Africans were seriously oppressed and exploited by the Europeans, it is true, but nothing really much out of keeping with the native practices toward one another before the Europeans arrived -- a point that is often lost in the undue Rousseauian martyrology of the "noble savage" meme.

I hate that. People is people, good, bad and indifferent -- pretty much everywhere, and for a long, long time. .., IMO.
I agree.


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